We are Armed Guardian's just like yourself!​

We have loved ones, a desire to make our communities safe and to also have the Education, the Ability and Training to protect ourselves!

Our founder James Moncherry is a former Law Enforcement Officer who continues to work in the private security sector and with government agencies (contracted capacity) as needed. 

He has multiple NRA Instructor certifications (First Steps, Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer) as well as some of the most coveted Law Enforcement Professional Instructor certifications (C.A.R., A.L.E.R.R.T.) that offer James the ability to share unique and exclusive advice and training concepts that 98% of others cannot.

*Not all courses are NRA approved but all Concealed Carry Courses exceed State requirements*

In May 2016, he was hand picked from a large pool of qualified instructors nationwide to be 1 of 9 newly certified & licensed instructors to share a recently retooled program called PreFense with the general public.    

Its original design was for new agents as a pre-deployment training package for global tactical use when being armed was not an option. (click here for more...)

The rest of the AG-Pro TEAM consists of additional support staff, mainly volunteer professional instructors that assist in offering Armed Guardian Courses across the country who are strong 2A Supporters.

If you would like to become a volunteer to help with promotions, instruction, grassroots events and fundraisers please get in touch.

Corporate and Private Group course bookings are available by emailing: agprotector@gmail.com