​Just because someone has worked in Law Enforcement or the Military the large majority are not 100% ready for civilian self defense. 

It may come as a surprise to many but its the truth.

Its called "basic" academy or training (depending on which you are in)
​for a reason and of course the "rules of engagement" are also different but lets not dwell on that right now.

The real story stems from me having been in the "exact same shoes"at the beginning as many of you reading this from a civilian aspect. 

The whole "whoa momma" I am now carrying 24/7, concealed in my everyday clothing and the thought of "I hope no one notices" kind of nervousness that comes with being a "new" legal carrier. 

Yes, even I was nervous because I haven't always had the kind of specialized instructor development training & expertise that works to help me be better prepared for my work and personal life.

So, at the beginning I also had to wonder "Am I":

Printing (when your gun shows through clothing at any time)
Gate Changing (walking different based on having a gun on hip)
Gun Checking (touching/feeling for your gun incessantly & to often) 
​- Safe (ensuring at all times I am carrying my gun in a safe manner)

...and much more! 

Heck, even going to a public bathroom can be an interesting feat when you are first starting out as a legal Concealed Carrier.  

Look,"I was once like you" and my primary mission is that I am here to help and let you know that you are in excellent hands! 

With education in PreFense, Concealed Carry, Defensive Pistol & Basic Trauma/Medical training you will have all the tools you need to prevent or stop an attack as well as aftermath care for those injured.

​One course at a time...you will be ready!